On June 12, 2007 at 10:47AM John Nielsen wrote:

> That should work fine, as long as you remember to run mergebase.sh on the new 
> system. It's counterintuitive and won't have much work to do, but it will do 
> useful things like create the /usr/X11R6 -> /usr/local symlink and change 
> some defaults in /etc so (e.g.) rc.d and periodic scripts won't run twice.
> If it's just your ports you're trying to refresh and don't have any worries 
> about your base system, you could also try something like this:
> 0) Back up your entire system. Also make a note of what packages you have 
> installed (pkg_info > /root/pkg-list.txt, for example).
> 1) Delete ALL ports from your system. I find it's most efficient to do 
> something like this:
>       a) make backups, esp of files in /usr/local/etc
>       b) # pkg_info | awk -F ' ' '{print $1}' | xargs pkg_delete -f
>       c) review remaining files under /usr/X11R6 and /usr/local, if any
>       d) # rm -r /usr/X11R6/* /usr/local/*
> 2) Update your base system. csup, buildworld, etc.
> 3) Update your ports tree. portsnap, etc.
> 4) Run mergebase.sh
>       # 
> 5) Reinstall everything you want installed.
> Have fun,

Having way too much fun. The system crashed again, causing me to get
really annoyed. I decided I had, had enough and totally erased the
HD's after coping any config files I would need to another PC first. I
am in the process of reformatting the two 72G HDs now.

Now, just so I get this straight.

1) I do a minimal install of FBSD.
2) Update the ports, in my case using portsnap.
3) Update the system files
4) Do a BuildWorld with custom kernel installation
5) Run: sh /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/mergebase.sh
6) Start the installation of Xorg-7.2 and other program.

I am assuming that I should have the VAR as stated in the "UPDATING"
file set prior to to actually attempting to update the system. After
it is completed I can remove it. Is that correct?

Well, the next few days should be fun!

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