* Dragoncrest <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [20030127 07:14]: wrote:
>       Looking for a good anti-virus to go with my spam filter.  Currently 
>       using spam assassin with mixed results, but now I'm getting more and more 
> of these stupid viruses coming into the mail server I'd rather deal 
> without.  Anybody got a good suggestion for a good spam filter/virus filter 
> combination?  Should I stick with Spam Assassin or go with something 
> else?  I'm fishing for ideas, cause this is getting kind of old dealing 
> with this stuff.

Exiscan with Exim-4.12 and spamassassin is capable of stopping virus/spam
at smtp time.
Anyway I don't believe there is a straight answer to your question. It's
better asked in a mailing list for MTAs.


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