I'm having problems to run wmweather+. I already found my location at NWS
Internet Weather Source <http://weather.noaa.gov/> , but the manual is a
little confusing about how to run it. I tried:

#wmweather+ -station "22'55S 043'10W"

And it shows :

*wmweather+: download of /home/fawz/.wmweather+/000003A9.0001-
83743.new-metar.txt failed: Fatal Error: 404 Not Found (Not Found) *

My station is :

WMO Index Number: 83743
Station Name: Rio De Janeiro
Country: Brazil
WMO Region: 3
Station Position: 22-55S 043-10W (dms)
Station Elevation (Ha): 5 Meters
Upper Air Position: 22-54S 043-10W (dms)
Upper Air Elevation (Hp): 3 Meters

I can't find anything wrong. The app opens but it has no data, besides the

I would thx for any help =D

Thx for the atention.
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