On Jun 12, 2007, at 1:54 PM, Bob wrote:
> Running FBSD 6.2 + apache 13. In the apache access log I see these log
> records.  To me it looks like my apache server is servicing connect
> requests and get
> requests to other URL's.  Is there some configuration option I can
> turn on to stop my server from
> servicing these bogus requests?

If you have the Apache mod_proxy enabled, either configure it
securely or disable it entirely.

Also, double-check your use of PHP-based stuff-- the security of PHP
is sufficiently bad that it's pretty common for sites to get hacked
if they aren't careful about securing it and updating to the latest
versions as new security holes in PHP-based stuff are exploited.  You
might want to run portaudit...


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 I all ready have Apache mod_proxy commented out in httpd.conf and there is
no php stuff installed in system.

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