On Jun 12, 2007, at 3:30 PM, Erik Norgaard wrote:
Just a note of caution about this specific point, against an admirable & detailed reply-- from what I understand from another mailing list is that the newer versions of the Speedtouch DSL modems no longer have the capability of acting in "bridging" mode and will always run in the 1-to-1 NAT translation mode.

Thanks Chuck, the Speedtouch I have has two modes PPPoE and RFC 1483, however, entering RFC 1483 mode it requested that I enter the public IP!?

I think that you need to enter that only if you actually have a static IP, rather than a dynamically assigned IP via DHCP or PPPoE negotiation.

If the USB modem device is actually running correctly in bridging mode, ithen t doesn't need to have an IP assigned to it-- whatever handles PPPoE, such as your FreeBSD box running ppp or something like a Linksys/D-Link/etc broadband router, will get assigned an dynamic publically-routable IP address.

Make sure you've set your MTU for that interface down to 1492 if you are using PPPoE.


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