John Baldwin wrote:

On Saturday 09 June 2007 08:53:18 pm Jin Guojun [VFFS] wrote:

I believe that this is a memory sub-system bug somewhere because 
anything equal to or below 1G

    options MAXDSIZ="(1024*1024*1024)"

will work regardless how many memory is installed in the system.
I doubt this could be a hardware related issue although is memory size 


Finally find cause but no idea why -- in kernel configuration, 
following line causes the problem:

   options MAXDSIZ="(2097152U*1024)"

Can anyone explain why this can cause /libexec/ not seen 
for some program?

This is setting aside 2GB for malloc which leaves only 1GB for all of mmap and 
stack.  You probably don't have enough address space to map your binary.

   This does not quite explain the problem.
   First of all, the MAXDSIZ is the maximum size for users to set their
   own datasize limit by 'limit'
   utility.  If user do not set a high limit for datasize, it should not
   be a problem.
   The second aspect also counters this assumption, for machines that
   have less than or equal to
   1 GB memory, and setting the MAXDISZ = the maximum memory size will
   not cause such problem.
   For example, if the physical memory size is 512 MB, and setting
   will not cause this problem. Or if the physical memory is 1GB, setting
   will not cause the problem either.
   I will try to build a similar system on an AMD box with 2GB and more
   memory to see if this
   will be a problem.
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