no idea, but maybe:
boot /boot/kernel/kernel or
   boot /boot/kernel.old/kernel

What is 'mountroot' - is that the boot loader or the kernel/system giving you that?

try mounting your root drive!

do a `df -k`, anything already mounted?

oh!  or try:

did it ask you to login?

Mark Stout wrote:
I followed all the steps in the handbook as well as UPDATED and after a 
installworld and mergemaster its booting into 'mountroot>' and nothing I type 
mounts.  This is a production machine so I'm in dire need of assistence.

On 11/06/07, Mark Stout <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Following the tasks in Rebuilding "world" in the handbook I 
removed the
/usr/obj directory and did a buildworld.  When tryinmg to compile the kernel 
its failing on
unknown option "MD5".  Commenting that out it fails on the line above MD5,  
options LKM.
 What's happening here?  These two options papear in the LINT file.  I can't 
find anything
that explains why this would happen.
A follow-up to my last email.  I copied GENERIC to RADIUS2 and
symlinked to /root/kernel.  Then added the various LINT options.

I started commenting out what is failing when I try to compile a new
kernel.  All are from the LINT file.  Is MD5 a default that does not
need to be specifically added?  What about ICMP_BANDLIM?  And
support for IDE drives. Are these already handed elsewhere in GENERIC?

# These all failed as unknown options:
unknown option "MD5"
unknown option "LKM"
unknown option "CD9660_ROOTDELAY"
unknown option "NSWAPDEV"
unknown option "TCP_COMPAT_42"
unknown option "ICMP_BANDLIM"  (found in Handbook in Chapter 14 Securing 

# Do not understand why these are fialing
config: Error: device "acd0" is unknown
config: Error: device "wfd0" is unknown
config: Error: device "wst0" is unknown

# This failed as a syntax error
controller      wdc0    at isa? port "IO_WD1" bio irq 14

Most of the above looks like old, deprecated
stuff from 5.x and earlier (the "controller wdc0"
line reminds me of 3.x or maybe NetBSD).

IDE drive support is all handled by ata(4), all
you should need for those in your kernel config
device          ata
device          atadisk
device          atapicd
(and obviously:)
device eisa
device pci
Which are already part of GENERIC.

/usr/src/sys/<arch>/conf/LINT doesn't exist in 6.x.
Try looking at /usr/src/sys/<arch>/conf/NOTES
and /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES for knobs to twist
and buttons to push.

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