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From: Francisco Reyes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 13-Jun-2007 03:42
Subject: Re: Installing FreeBSD on large disk >2TB
Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED], Enrique Ayesta Perojo

There is a simmilar thread related to filesystems greater than 2TB.
The subject is: Filesystems larger than 2TB

I started the thread and from what I can gather you can not have a
filesystem greater than 2TB on your boot device.
Also you can not use sysinstall to create the partition if it is greater
than 2TB.

The problem happens when i try to use a RAID larger in size to 2 Terabyte,
then the install program freezes and the machine reboots (it cannot find the

Split your drives.
Make a RAID1 with 2 drives and install

The second raid with the rest of the drives you should be able to create the
partition manually, not from sysinstall.

Any clue on how to solve it? FreeBSD can't be installed on disks larger than 2

As far as I can tell no.

As for creating the partition after you have a working system there were two
methods mentioned.

Was was using newfs against the raw device like
newfs -s /dev/da0s2

The other one involves something called GPT, but seems like it is a more
difficult method and it also seems like there is ongoing discussion about

I also think, but am not sure, that it will be easier to have partitions
greater than 2TB when ZFS is incorporated into the OS.
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