On 13/06/07, Adam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I was wondering this this wireless networking card will work with FreeBsd
- U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg PC Card Ethernet Card, 802.11g, b.  I needed
to know because I am going to buy it next week.  Thank You, please write

IMO having a specific card supported is kind of a problem, because
manufacturers tend to change chip revisions pretty fast, and there are
some subtle difference between these revisions that can render the
card useless - even if the driver supports the chipset.
So make sure you find out what the card is actually based on (atheros,
ral, etc.) and look up the manpage for the driver. Find the card and
check the revision. If your revision is newer than the latest
mentioned one, make sure that you can return the card.

Or: Take your laptop with you. I did it when I purchased my D-Link
DWL-650 from a big discounter. I loaded all available WLAN drivers
into memory (gave a nice for-loop and the laptop lots to do).
Afterwards the salespersons handed me one board after the other and I
checked the console/syslog wether the board was recognised as a WLAN
It was great: I figured I could go with a ral-based card, but it
turned out to be unstable. Next try (yes, I went there again and we
did the procedure all over again) I found the card mentioned above.
And I'm really happy with it. It's stable, and the connection quality
is really good.

On a side note: Having a FreeBSD based Laptop with you in a store
where people know only about Windows is an experience one should have.
They need their time to get used to the idea that there are other
Operating Systems as Windows. And that these don't need graphics to
work. And that there are people out there that can work with a
computer without graphics... ;-D

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