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First off, my apologies to the group.  I think I've been hitting
"reply" only and not "reply-to-all".

> >
> > If the compiler (cc) dies with a 'fatal signal 11', you could have a
> > memory problem. See e.g. 
> >
> > Roland
> Ok, while researching these things I found this.  Does FreeBSD have a
> work around?
> http://membres.lycos.fr/poulot/k6bug.html
> This machine I'm having problems with is an AMD K6.

A K6-700?  Without doing too much
flabulous research, I believe the K6
stopped at 300MHz.  A 700 would be
a K6-III, which would not have the
32MB problem.  Flaky and heat-sen-
sitive they are indeed.  And there is
a lot of junk 133 memory out there

Based on my limited experience, about
60% of the time you can run 100MHz
memory at 133MHz. If not you may have
to rejumper your bus-speed to 100.
If you are further unlucky the board
won't have a 7:1 multiplier and you'll
be stuck underclocking pretty seriously.

What is a 7:1 multiplier?
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