Hi all,
all of the sudden, i'm having problems with openoffice. I'm using 2.2, 
installed from packages downloaded from the official packager. The "time to 
crash" crash changes depending on what is done:

  - Writer seems to work the longest (by a few seconds)
  - Calc dies right away
  - the common interface stays on until I open a menu (or close it, if opening 
didnt crash)... v strange.

What may be :
Interestingly enough, if I run an XNest session from within my XFCE and log in 
as another user, also under xfce 4.4, it has no problems at all.
Same user, xfce4.4, default X server, OO dies.
My account using twm, works fine. (twm under xnest works fine too).
I haven't got another gnome-based WM at hand to test with.

What is not (i think) :
I've built the whole thing locally (sigh) , but the same thing happens. I've 
tested the locally built package on another machine (also using xfce4.4) and 
the same thing happens. Both machines have ATI cards and are up to date in all 
their packages. Both are running somewhat modified kernels based on 6.2-STABLE 
(with no problems at all kernel-level).
I thought it was related to new java libraries (refuted), glibmm update 
(refuted). I can't think what else has changed between last night and this 
morning in my computer(s).  Everything else in the system(s) is working fine.

So I guess I'm onto something...i just don't know what yet :-D

I've done a full 
ktrace -i openoffice.org-2.2.0 
and dumped the text version of it at 


(2 MB compressed, 8 MB uncompressed). OO is exiting with 0x4E , but i cant 
figure out what it means or what's causing it.

Any clues, anyone? :)
{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

If Bill Gates had a dollar for every time a Windows box crashed...
.. Oh, wait a minute, he already does.

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