Norberto Meijome wrote:
> Hi all,
> all of the sudden, i'm having problems with openoffice. I'm using 2.2, 
> installed from packages downloaded from the official packager. The "time to 
> crash" crash changes depending on what is done:
>   - Writer seems to work the longest (by a few seconds)
>   - Calc dies right away
>   - the common interface stays on until I open a menu (or close it, if 
> opening didnt crash)... v strange.
> What may be :
> Interestingly enough, if I run an XNest session from within my XFCE and log 
> in as another user, also under xfce 4.4, it has no problems at all.
> Same user, xfce4.4, default X server, OO dies.
> My account using twm, works fine. (twm under xnest works fine too).
> I haven't got another gnome-based WM at hand to test with.
> What is not (i think) :
> I've built the whole thing locally (sigh) , but the same thing happens. I've 
> tested the locally built package on another machine (also using xfce4.4) and 
> the same thing happens. Both machines have ATI cards and are up to date in 
> all their packages. Both are running somewhat modified kernels based on 
> 6.2-STABLE (with no problems at all kernel-level).
> I thought it was related to new java libraries (refuted), glibmm update 
> (refuted). I can't think what else has changed between last night and this 
> morning in my computer(s).  Everything else in the system(s) is working fine.
> So I guess I'm onto something...i just don't know what yet :-D
> I've done a full 
> ktrace -i 
> and dumped the text version of it at 
> (2 MB compressed, 8 MB uncompressed). OO is exiting with 0x4E , but i cant 
> figure out what it means or what's causing it.
> Any clues, anyone? :)
> thanks!!

Try setting OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP to kde or none. This seems to be a GTK related 
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