The CPU on basically every x86 machine after the original
pentium runs faster than the bus (or memory) speed.


The board will probably have jumpers (though sometimes
boards this old will have bios options) to select Front Side
Bus speed (typically 33, 50, 60, 66, 75, 100, 120, and 133MHz
on a machine of this age) and a second set of jumpers to
select the CPU multiplier.
An old K6-III 450MHz I have here uses a 100MHz bus and
a 4.5:1 multiplier (which alternately might have been marked
9:2) to obtain the 450MHz CPU speed.  A 700MHz CPU on
a 100MHz bus would require a 7:1.  If it really does have a
133MHz bus, it might be set to something like 5.2:1.

In any case, your troubles are likely either bad memory or
a too-hot CPU, the second of which might be something
as simple as dust or a bad fan bearing.


My suspicion is also for the memory.  Due to some laziness on my part,
I'm going to just swap out the PC 133 stuff with the PC 100 stuff that
I have to see if that fixes it.  This PC 100 stuff used to run a
Fedora, and later, an OpenBSD system.  On both I performed builds of
various software.  So, I'm going to give it a try.

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