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> On 13/06/07, Jonathan Horne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> [...]
>> is there somewhere in kde that i can specify that i want arts to be an
>> available option to multimedia apps?
> Applications need to be built with arts-Support, so I guess that this
> is missing on your second box. cd to a directory of one of the ports
> in question, and do a make config to check wether arts-support is
> available and selected, or not.
> Christian

well, i went into the x11/kde3 port, and did a 'make config-recursive', and
checked over every config file that would come into play during the kde3 build.
the only one that named anything for arts, was x11/kdebase3.  which, i did an
unisntall, and reinstall of that port with:

[X] ARTSWRAPPER  Suid wrapper for aRts, req'd for realtime prio

but amarok still sees no arts options for putput plugin.  there is also no arts
options in the amarok config.

i love the fact that using ports/packages-6-stable, i can do 30 hours of work in
just a few, but i am secumbing to the notion that i may have to come back and
just rebuild kde the old fasioned way  :(

i dont' think that this will make a difference.
Where do you look for arts output? Amarok: Settings -> Configure
Amarok -> Engine -> Xine -> Output plugin?

BTW: Why do you want arts so badly? Amarok works just fine when using
the OSS ouput plugin, for example. So there's no need to use arts at
all. Same is valid for all other multimedia apps, too.
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