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Dick Hoogendijk wrote:

I have used FreeBSD for years and still hate to see this lack of
support by others :-(

Again, read my response and do some research before you blame

Blame nVidia.. Can you tell me why there's no 64bits nVidia driver for
FreeBSD? I know there is a 32bits one. I used it on fbsd too. It used
to need special settings (agp). Use of nvidia driver comes first hand,
so what kind of research do you mean?

If I upgrade my solaris box it starts 64bits on AMD or 32bits on a 32b
machine. Including Xorg-7.2; including the nVidia driver (all 64bits).
You can download it on the nVidia site. But not for FreeBSD.  And
that's what I 'hate' (like I wrote). What's the fault in that
reasoning? Linux and solaris are better supported and that's a pity.

The nv driver works better than the vesa driver IMO -- it provides
much better 2D support than the vesa driver.

Absolutely. But nVidia beats the hell out of the nv driver.

Since you're not willing to do the research, I'll give you the reader's digest version. nVidia's waiting on FreeBSD to implement key features in the kernel in order to properly support the amd64 and i386 + PAE platforms, because memory mapping and access isn't there yet in the FreeBSD kernel.

Does that satisfy you?

Read the archives in ports@, hackers@, and current@ over the past couple months to discover more details.

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