Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Since you're not willing to do the research, I'll give you the
> reader's digest version. nVidia's waiting on FreeBSD to implement
> key features in the kernel in order to properly support the amd64
> and i386 + PAE platforms, because memory mapping and access isn't
> there yet in the FreeBSD kernel.
> Does that satisfy you?

I should have read the articles first. Lack of time due to daytime
job. Thought a quick reply could do. That was wrong. I wrote to
quickly. I can seet aht now. However, I _was_ willing to to the
research when I had the time (it's almost weekend). So you're
right. It's not nVidia, but a FreeBSD kernel problem.

> Read the archives in ports@, hackers@, and current@ over the past
> couple months to discover more details.

Will do.

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