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> On 6/14/07, Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> "Andrew Falanga" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > Does samba actually support this?  I'm not turning up much information
>> > from the "official HOW-TO" at samba.org.  In fact, not a single link
>> > in the HOW-TO even mentions IPv6.
>> There's a link on the Samba front page from last week.
>> The short version is that it doesn't do it yet, and probably won't
>> until Samba 4 (which has other changes for interoperating with
>> Vista -- which is the first Windows to really do IPv6 well).
>> There are patch sets around if you're willing to get your hands
>> a bit dirty.
> Nope, don't mind getting my hands dirty (I do most of the work on my
> automobiles too).  However, I take it from this that because I must
> get my hands dirty, none of these patches are in the ports system?  I

As far as I can see, they are not.  

> ask because I noticed as I installed vim last night that many patches
> were downloaded along with the main vim tar-ball.

You could talk to the maintainer about that.  Samba4 probably isn't
ready to be added to the ports system anyway, but patches against
Samba3 seem to exist also.  
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