On 6/15/07, Alex Zbyslaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Andrew Falanga wrote:

> I come back a
> little later to find that I've got to update X.org according
> /usr/ports/UPDATING.  I open this file and read up on what it says.
> In there it says I need to run a script called "xorg-upgrade" however,
> this script does not exist on this box.

Please read the instructions more carefully.  You are supposed to run a
program called "script" with the parameter "xorg-upgrade".  script is a
program which will create a file called xorg-upgrade.  All the commands
you subsequently  type and all the output you get will be logged in the
file xorg-upgrade, so that if something goes wrong you have a log of the
errors to refer to, cut-and-pate from etc.

I did read through that part, but I made a bad assumption.  I was
assuming that the script xorg-upgrade was something separate because
other instructions in there said to be sure to use a filesystem with
lots of space.  I was thinking that the script program was some sort
of program that would capture the output of the program so that
"developers could see it" or something like that.  Bogus assumption
because I'm not at all familiar with script.  Thanks for setting me

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