Wayne Swart wrote:
Hi everyone

I have a freebsd 4.7 box that keeps disconnecting for no reason. It simply
just disconnects from the internet and if i do a ifconfig dc0 down and
then ifconfig dc0 up, it comes back up again
You know, I saw this once a few years ago.  The problem was a crappy NIC
and the solution was to replace it.

i have tried 3 different network cards. if i use a 10mbit card it doesn't
happen, but on a 100mb card it lasts like 3 hours and then falls over
What about the third NIC?  It sounds like the 100mb card is problematic.

i took a look at /var/log/messages but it shows nothing
Neither did I.  I think the problem was a hardware level that the kernel
wasn't able to detect.

if anyone knows anything about this please let me know, i have to get it
fixed, but i do not even know where to begin
If the 10mb card works, why not just use it?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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