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> > 2. I can play a music CD just fine as root, using cdcontrol, as described
> > in the handbook. But under KDE, running as a non-root user, I cannot
> > play music CDs. I looked at the permissions on /dev/acd0c, and they are
> > 0640, root.operator, so an ordinary user cannot read the CD. I changed
> > the permissions to 0644, and I could play the CD. However, there must
> > be a good reason for the permisisons to be 0640, and I don't want to
> > mess up the permissions just to get the CD player to work. What is the
> > "official" way to get this to work? The handbook didn't mention it.
> >
> That's probably the best way to do it, believe it or not. To have it work on
> bootup in 5.X, try editing /etc/rc.devfs (I think), or in 4.X try editing
> /etc/rc.local to say "chmod 644 /dev/acd0c" (I think). It may not require
> anything after doing it once in 4.X.

The slightly more secure approach is to use fbtab(5) (or Xsetup) to
give the console user the ownership of the device.  If it's really a
single-user machine, this may not be worth the effort.

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