Hello Nasty wrote:
> I upgraded to xorg 7.2 a while ago, and everything seems to be working well, 
> but my ports list shows the following out-of-date ports, and I can't seem to 
> do anything about them:
> xorg-clients-6.9.0_3                <   needs updating (port has 7.2)
> xorg-documents-6.9.0                <   needs updating (port has 1.3,1)
>> >From poking around on the net, I have gathered that these ports have been 
>> >replaced (in 7.2) by the new ports "xorg-apps" and "xorg-docs".  Those have 
>> >(apparently) been successfully installed:
> xorg-apps-7.2                       =   up-to-date with port
> xorg-docs-1.3,1                     =   up-to-date with port
> Nothing seems to get xorg-clients and xorg-documents out of my list.  
> Portupgrade always just skips them, saying "Skipping 'x11/xorg-docs' 
> (xorg-documents-6.9.0) because it has already been ignored" (and something 
> similar for xorg-clients).
> Make deinstall/make reinstall has no net effect.
> I believe that I followed the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING regarding 
> xorg 7.2.
> Does anyone have any idea how I can get these things out of my list?
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Use pkg_delete.
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