Robin Becker wrote:
> I have an acer 1644WLMi laptop which has an HDA sound card. I tried
> using the binary modules from
> If I add
> snd_hda_load="yes"
> sound_load="yes"
> to loader.conf then I have a crash when starting kdm
> I am running
> 6.2Release with Xorg 7.2 and latest port kde 3.5.
> I have seen that others have this HDA sound working; so what's the
> proper way to get it working? My reading of the related threads in
> freebsd-multimedia left me a bit confused.
Download the driver from here:

I have an Acer laptop myself and have tested this in the past, it worked
fine. I have not checked the recent releases though.
Your loader.conf is fine; sound_load is not needed in itself, it will be
loaded because of the snd_hda_load
I doubt your problem has anything to do with kde. Try the sound driver
from the command line, ie try to play an mp3 with mplayer or play

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