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Martin Houlden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> HI guys
> I currently run a Free BSD server using plesk 8.1 - not that this has  
> anything to do with my question!
> But i'm putting together a corporate ID for a charity, and have been  
> looking for a rounded font. So far i've tried the usual suspects  
> (VAG, arial & helvetica rounded) but not found anything that really  
> works.
> Can you let me know what font you've used for the main Free BSD logo  
> - I think it's really very nice and perfectly understated.

Hi Martin,
search the archives for the announcement of the new logo (sometime last year). 
It includes information about the winner entry (as well as LOADS of discussions 
on how good/bad/horrible/ok it is :-) ). I remember reading something about the 
font there too.

Or browse freebsd.org - i'm pretty certain the information about the logo is 
there somewhere.

good luck
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