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Hi list :)

Installed BSD 6.2 a few days ago and am totally new to it all.  I installed
KDE 3.5 and it was working nicely until it just....stopped.

No obvious crash - it just froze.  Had to reboot the system with the reset
button as no other method was working.

So I thought  it might be my sound <since it wasn't configured> and I had read
a few things that said that sometimes caused KDE to crash.  Also disabled a
few buggy plugins and what not and still it keeps on freezing on me.

The annoying thing is its totally random - It could be running for several
hours before it freezes; and sometimes it freezes the moment I log on.  Its
frozen at last count 7 times today and I ended up having to do a some random
hardrive check as boot up was starting to fail and logging me in as single
mode user only.

Anyway - to get to the point; is there a log somewhere that I can check out in
console mode <which incidently never crashes> that might help me pinpoint the

Thanks in advance,

I apologize in advance if this advice is too rudimentary.

Sounds more like hardware. You did not say how you tested your memory. If you did not use Memtest86, get and run that. Also run fsck manually.

If the hardware checks out okay, you can try to isolate what is failing. Turn of various compoents one at a time. For example turn off the wireles interface and work normally. If that still fails, set up a dd command or a benchmark program to run under kde buut without the network. You can set up either of these to run overnight so you should get a good idea that the test worked or not. If you get a failure without the network repeat the test using twm (its built into xorg).

If all this fails to identify the problem you need at least to get a kernel dump. The developers handbook has information on this.

Hope this helps,
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