On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 10:38:54PM -0700, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> There's another issue and that is POST on standard PC hardware.  POST
> takes too long.  For example the auto industry has agreed on a standard
> time that a car engine computer must be fully operational, it is very
> short, no more than something like 2 seconds or so.  Enough so that when
> you turn the key and the engine starts cranking, that the engine computer
> has completely booted and is running by the second crank.
> That is why you probably will never see standard computer hardware used
> in the operating room of a hospital to control patient life support, for
> example.  If for example during an operation the computer controlling an
> artificial heart suddenly dies, the staff simply unplugs the lines from
> the computer and plug them into another computer which then is switched on
> and within a second has come fully ready, and operating.  You could not
> wait the 30-60 seconds that POST on a regular PC would take to complete.

If it's taking 30-60 seconds just for your system to POST, there's
something desperately wrong.  My laptop gets all the way to a login
prompt in that range.  I think you mean "boot", not "POST" -- where
"POST" stands for "Power On, Self-Test" and refers to that brief period
at the beginning of booting before the boot manager is loaded.  You know,
the part where there's a screen that says "IBM" or "AMI" or something
like that.

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