is there pre-compiled package for jdk15?? i thought there is a liscence
issue.. and i can't find it on freebsd ftp..


On 6/17/07, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:
> or maybe i should use jdk1.4??
>     >         Hmmm... there might be an issue between the SWT library
>     >     the Java
>     >     VM. I'd first see if you can use a different VM, then try
>     and contact
>     >     the Azureus, then the SWT devs about this issue if it
>     >     working
>     >     your way up the tree.
>     >         But first.. did you build the VM yourself, or are you
>     using the
>     >     prepackaged one build by the FreeBSD group?
>     >     -Garrett
>     >
>     >
>     Try the prepackaged version first then before doing anything rash
>     (note:
>     you can't do this if you run CURRENT)..
>     -Garrett
No. Using 1.4 will only shove the issue under the carpet instead of
dealing with it and fixing the issue for many other users.

Besides, 1.4 wasn't all that great anyhow :).

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