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On Saturday 16 June 2007 16:35, Olivier Regnier wrote:
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On Friday 15 June 2007 13:29, Olivier Regnier wrote:
Hi everybody,

Actually, i'm working on FreeBSD 6.2 and csh shell. With a sh
script, i trying to execute this command :
sed -e "s/MAKE_ARGS\([^{]*\){/MAKE_ARGS\1{\n\t'mail/nbsmtp' =>
'WITH_IPV6=1 WITH_SSL=1',/" > /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf

The result is not correct, i have an error :
sed: 1: "s/MAKE_ARGS\([^{]*\){/M . . .": bad flag in subsitute
command: 'n'

Can you help me please ?
s/MAKE_ARGS\([^{]*\){/MAKE_ARGS\1{\n\t'mail/nbsmtp' =>
This n is invalid--------------------------^^^

You should add a backslash before each slash
that is not used as a separator for the s command.
s/I want to substitute the \/ character/with the _ character/
s/\/\/\//three slashes/

You can also use a separator of choice for the s command.
That is:
s/foo/bar/ is equivalent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]@bar@
is equivalent to sAfooAbarA
is equivalent to s1foo1bar1.

keep in mind, that our sed might not be
totally compatible with GNU sed.

HTH, Nikos
Thank for you anserw but the result is bad again :)
I tryed this : sed
"s/MAKE_ARGS\([^{]*\){/MAKE_ARGS\1{\n\t'mail\/nbsmtp' => 'WITH_IPV6=1
WITH_SSL=1',/" > /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf
but i have this with cat /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf

MAKE_ARGS = {nt'mail/nbsmtp' => 'WITH_IPV6=1 WITH_SSL=1',

Sed and csh is strange no ? I think \n \t not supported by csh.
well yesterday i tried with awk command :
echo MAKE_ARGS = { | awk '{ sub(/MAKE_ARGS = {/, "MAKE_ARGS =
{\n\t\'\'ports-mgmtp/portupgrade' =>
\'\'WITH_BDB4=1',\n\t\'\'sysutils/fastest_cvsup' =>
\'\'WITH_ROUNDTRIP=1',\n\t\'\'mail/nbsmtp' =>'WITH_IPV6=1"
"WITH_SSL=1',\n}"); print; }'

The resultat is not bad but incomplete :

       'ports-mgmtp/portupgrade => 'WITH_BDB4=1,
       'sysutils/fastest_cvsup => 'WITH_ROUNDTRIP=1,
       'mail/nbsmtp => 'WITH_IPV6=1 WITH_SSL=1,

I should have that :

       'ports-mgmtp/portupgrade*'* => 'WITH_BDB4=1*'*,
       'sysutils/fastest_cvsup*'* => 'WITH_ROUNDTRIP=1*'*,
       'mail/nbsmtp*'* => 'WITH_IPV6=1 WITH_SSL=1*'*,

Single quotes(') have special meaning to the shell. You
have to cancel the special meaning using backslashes.
For example:
%set a = foo\'bar
%echo $a
%set a = foo\"bar
%echo $a

As I see in your code above, not every single quote is backslashed.
Asterisks should be backslashed in order to passed literally to awk.
awk has also special characters, which also should be backslashed
to be treated as simple characters. For example(bash, not csh):
nik:0:~$ echo | awk '{ print("foo\"bar") }'

It gets complicated since some characters are special to both, csh
and awk. Frequently, you have to use backslashed backslashes, to get
the wanted result... You should check the csh and awk manual page.

Last but not least, do you have use csh?
It's not recommend for scripting.

HTH, Nikos

I founded solution with awk command and that works well.

cat /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf | awk '{ sub(/^[ \t]*MAKE_ARGS = {/, "&\n\t\x27ports-mgmtp/portupgrade\x27 => \x27WITH_BDB4=1\x27,\n\t\x27sysutils/fastest_csvsup\x27 => \x27WITH_ROUNDTRIP=1\x27,\n\t\x27mail/nbsmtp\x27 => \x27WITH_IPV6=1 WITH_SSL=1\x27,\n"); print; }' > /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf

Thank you :)
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