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I am having install isues and can not login as root in the GUI. I have
to re-boot and come up in single user mode to work as root. Then when I
need to look something up, I have to boot into regular mode, look it up
on the web, then re-boot into single user mode. This is cumbersome to
say the least. I need to install the jdk, and keep rebooting to check
the doc!

By default root is not allowed to login to the GUI. So far, this is
"works as designed".
There are two options:
1. Switch to a console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+1 vor example. This will
give you a console login that doesn't reject root. Do the things you
want to do as root there.
2. Add yourself to the group "wheel". This will allow you to login *as
a normal user*, open a terminal and do a "su -". Enter the root
password, and you're done. To do this you probably need to use a
console login and edit /etc/group apropriately. :-)

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