Thanks, I was trying Alt-1 and Ctl-1 for the hot key.

H Severino
--- Christian Walther <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 18/06/07, Harriet Severino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am having install isues and can not login as root in the GUI. I
> have
> > to re-boot and come up in single user mode to work as root. Then
> when I
> > need to look something up, I have to boot into regular mode, look
> it up
> > on the web, then re-boot into single user mode. This is cumbersome
> to
> > say the least. I need to install the jdk, and keep rebooting to
> check
> > the doc!
> By default root is not allowed to login to the GUI. So far, this is
> "works as designed".
> There are two options:
> 1. Switch to a console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+1 vor example. This will
> give you a console login that doesn't reject root. Do the things you
> want to do as root there.
> 2. Add yourself to the group "wheel". This will allow you to login
> *as
> a normal user*, open a terminal and do a "su -". Enter the root
> password, and you're done. To do this you probably need to use a
> console login and edit /etc/group apropriately. :-)
> Christian

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