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> Prakash Poudyal wrote:
> After reboot, I again have to manually set the root password and create
> a user account once again. All is fine and well after that.
> I have really found FreeBSD-6.2 stable and steady for production use
> however.

You've got something bizarre going on with your setup.  I've never seen
the behaviour you describe.

Are you sure that when you set the password, it actually works?  It's
difficult for me to even imagine what kind of problem would cause what
you describe without the system also being completely unstable as well.


Maybe the OP does what he describes, but chooses the wrong button to
continue the installation, so that these settings are discarded by
sysinstall. I'm not sure if the stage the root password is set is some
point of confusion, as described in sysinstall related discussions on
this list.
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