Please read the instructions more carefully.  You are supposed to run a
program called "script" with the parameter "xorg-upgrade".  script is a
program which will create a file called xorg-upgrade.  All the commands
you subsequently  type and all the output you get will be logged in the
file xorg-upgrade, so that if something goes wrong you have a log of the
errors to refer to, cut-and-pate from etc.

I just read my reply to this from the weekend.  Wow, it sounds like
I'm a complete idiot.  Ok, what I meant to say (had other things on my
mind this weekend) was that being unfamiliar with 'script' I thought
it was some sort of interpreter through which I had to run this
"xorg-upgrade" script mentioned in the UPDATING file.  As you can see,
my lack of understanding for script lead to a bad assumption.

Thanks again for setting me straight.  Just for the record, once my
understanding was set right, the upgrade went flawlessly.  Great

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