>    Timothy Bourke wrote:
> On Jun 15 at 20:01 +1000, Gemma Fletcher wrote:
> Installed BSD 6.2 a few days ago and am totally new to it all.  I
> KDE 3.5 and it was working nicely until it just....stopped.
> No obvious crash - it just froze.  Had to reboot the system with the reset
> button as no other method was working.
> [...]
> Are you using dial-up with kppp?
> I recently saw a freeze-then-reboot under KDE 3.5 which was fixed by
> using ppp (user-mode) rather than kppp (kernel-mode) for dial-up.
> Tim.
>    Next time instead of a reboot, try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.  that should
>    try a shutdown of the X server ... might save you a hard reboot :)
>    Also are you sure it's KDE?  Could it be a weird video driver?  Does
>    it happen with other WMs?

Ok haven't had a chance to look at anything today (buying a new car yay me!)
but just to quickly answer the above.

* I'm not using dial-up at all. Cable ftw!
* I tried the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, but my keyboard doesn't seem to respond at
all.  It's seems about as futile as flogging a dead horse.  I haven't tried
any other WMs -- I went with KDE since that was the only one I had ever
heard of and it had a nice install section in the handbook about it :) Could
anyone suggest perhaps
a different one I could try?  Either way - I'll be following a the
suggestions in a few previous emails about trying to isolate the problem and
see where I end up.

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