My portupgrade -aP was stll going full tilt late this morning 
        after my 27th cup of French roast, so good thing I  didn't wait.
        After only 8 or 9 days, there's obv'ly been lots of mods.
        Read: 'hard work' by volunteers.

        The xorg.conf I created on 09jun07 was around 1K  bytes.  The 
        new one is around 4 times that size.  My logs clued me in --
        partly.  In /var/log/gdm/:0.log was the problem.  An (EE)
        that said I was missing some required module.  I searched all 
        *.ko files and even looked for the source.  NADA.  Then I
        ran another X -configure.  That spat out a slew of warnings and
        errors but it did create an  It worked as a test
        and today worked to bring up gdm without any errors. (!!)

        I can find out my searching around what new kinds of features are
        in xorg-7.x, but it looks like it has better probes at least.

        So, to anybody who is dreading the xorg mess, there is hope.
        FBSD is still the best open-src group in the {known:)} universe.


  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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