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> Hello,
> Has anyone on this list used dhcp6 from ports?  What's the magic
> behind getting it to work?  I'm trying to configure for a very simple
> environment and my hosts are getting anything.  My config file is
> basically just the sample file from the port install with the
> exceptions that the interface string has been changed and I'm using a
> different IPv6 address block (per the RFC or IPv6 addressing, I'm
> using fec0::).
> Is there anything else?  I'm reading through the manual pages and the
> dhcp6s program starts ok, that is, it starts without complaint and is
> running (as sockstat attests to).  If anyone out there uses this, I'd
> really appreciate any insights.
Could you post your config for reference?  One thing that comes to mind
is to make sure your mask is set to a /64.  


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