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Could you post your config for reference?  One thing that comes to mind
is to make sure your mask is set to a /64.




# The followings are a sample configuration to provide a DNS server address
# for every client as well as to delegate a permanent IPv6 prefix
# 2001:db8:1111::/48 to a client whose DUID is 00:01:00:01:aa:bb.

option domain-name "ipv6.isolated";
option domain-name-servers fec0::1;

# The followings are a sample configuration to provide an IPv6 address
# from an address pool 2001:db8:1:2::1000-2000 for 3600[s].
# Note. You have to send an RA to fxp0; otherwise a client cannot be sure
# about the prefix-length and the default router.  If you want to prevent
# stateless address configuration via RA, please set the autonomous-flag to
# OFF in your RA configuration.

interface sis0 {
        address-pool isolated_pool 3600;

pool isolated_pool {
        range fec0::11 to fec0::20 ;

As you can see, it's pretty much the
/usr/local/etc/dhcp6s.conf.sample.  You know, from making this post, I
see that because I decided against having any "host" directives in the
file, the one line that did have the subnet mask, or prefix, set to
/64 is now missing.

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