On 6/19/07, Michael K. Smith - Adhost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Could you post your config for reference?  One thing that comes to mind
> is to make sure your mask is set to a /64.
> Regards,
> Mike

Ok, I've got a couple of more questions.  Why does the port not
install the command "dhcp6sctl"?  This is mentioned in manual pages
like, dhcp6s(8), and so forth but doing a "man dhcp6sctl" returns that
no manual page exists.  Also, I can't find the command either.  Lastly
how do I generate this dhcp6sctlkey file that is also mentioned in the
manual pages?  On the system I'm running the server on, the syslog
spits out something that the file can't be found, and sure enough it's
not there.  It's supposed to be in /usr/local/etc.

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