On 6/20/07, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Adam St. George wrote:
> Will FreeBSD be able to have a setup for 16 monitors?  Id love to finaly,
> and fully switch to FreeBSD from Microsoft, but two things hold me back.
> 1. Multi monitors
> 2. Using/configuring Wine
> If I can have a setup with 16 monitors, are there any threads, or
> websites
> which could help me to do so?  I will be using Quadro Nvidia cards (4).
> Thanks in advance.

1. SLI support and Crossfire support don't exist in Unix. How can you
possibly setup 16 monitors? Even with splitters, it's not possible
(unless you use PCI cards).

I'm not sure about SLI and Crossfire, but I'm sure that
Unix doesn't really need them to support that many monitors.
Whether you use one Xorg instance or multiple ones, you can
certainly use 16 monitors. The only issue could be nvidia's
binary drivers, but I hope they support their Quadro's.

Search for words like "Xinerama" and "multiheading"

2. Wine has plenty of Howto's all over the net.

Linux has better support for wine, but FreeBSD is not far
behind. E.g. many people are running 3D games under wine
in FreeBSD. Internet Explorer is happily running on PC-
BSD, which means it won't have much trouble on FreeBSD.

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