Well, the subject line pretty much says it all.  I'm working on
updating the xorg packages on my installation so that I can install
WireShark.  I'm to the point in the upgrade that I'm rebuilding the
ports index (I installed portupgrade-devel in favor of the current
version of portupgrade as mentioned in the UPDATING file).

As the instructions say, since I haven't altered the environment in
any way, I didn't have to rebuild the index, I could simply do "make
fetchindex".  Well, this simple step isn't working so simply.  At
home, it did, but here at work I'm having difficulty.  The connection
is constantly refused.  Where does this file reside?  I'd like to just
download it directly to /usr/ports and have the make system do what
must be done.  This at least works with other packages that I've had
refusals on when installing.

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