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> I've got my FreeBSD system setup with KDE and sound. I have 2 questions:
> 1. I got sound to work simply by doing "kldload snd" but then I did
> kldstat and saw that all available sound modules had been loaded. I
> thought that was unnecessary - is there any way (besides inserting
> each module one at a time) that I can determine which exact module is
> providing the driver for my sound card?

Try "cat /dev/sndstat". That should tell you which driver you have.

> 2. I can play a music CD just fine as root, using cdcontrol, as described
> in the handbook. But under KDE, running as a non-root user, I cannot
> play music CDs. I looked at the permissions on /dev/acd0c, and they are
> 0640, root.operator, so an ordinary user cannot read the CD. I changed
> the permissions to 0644, and I could play the CD. However, there must
> be a good reason for the permisisons to be 0640, and I don't want to
> mess up the permissions just to get the CD player to work. What is the
> "official" way to get this to work? The handbook didn't mention it.

There's no "official" way, because the best solution depends on the
exact requirements. If you want to let everyone indiscriminatly use
the CD player, you've found it. If you only want to let users who are
logged onto the console use it, you use fbtab. If you only want to let
a specific set of users use it, you put those users in group operator.

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