Thanks everyone for their help! Final result was my video card. I had a
power surge a few weeks ago - and while I have a surge protector it stilled messed my card up a bit. So periodically the card would die and so would the system.

Pulled it out and used the onboard and problem solvered.

Hello Gemma,
Hello Nikola

Although it really looks like hardware, you can also do this to be 100%
sure it isn't software related:

(1) Had you used that computer before you have installed FreeBSD? It
    would be a nice idea to post here the output of your 'dmesg'
    or /var/log/messages.

Yes it was running XP - will post output once I finalise this car sale and
have a spare moment. :)

(2) Have you tried to run a small script as Matthias proposed?

Not yet - am reading up on how to run a script :)

(3) Are you sure your ports are up-to-date? If in doubt, install
    ports-mgmt/portupgrade and run

      # portversion -v -L =

To cut a long scary story short sort of. I've actually reinstalled 6.2, 4 times as I seem to have so many little things missing I wasn't sure if it
was me or the install.  So upgrading ports always eneded up crashing.
Anyway first few times went the full install, final time went with as just a
user install without X.  After that i installed X and then KDE from the
ports collection. Attempted a 7.2 upgrade thinking that might help a few
problems and in a word - nightmare. A week later after finally getting past
the libxfct step the actual upgrade crashed as it couldn't seem to create
the xorg-libraries 7.2 directory.  So I just decided to ignore it for a
while.  But aside from xorg - everything else is up to date.

(4) If yes, as of "how to check X without KDE", do the following:

  (a) run 'xinit' without ~/.xinitrc file to avoid starting KDE and
      or any other window manager; (once you start it, you can go back
      by 'exit' or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace; please note that you must put the
      mouse over the window in order to move focus on it);

  (b) check if there are warning -- (WW) -- or other suspicious messages
      in /var/log/Xorg.0.log;

  (c) while in pure xinit session, run Firefox or other application that
      is not KDE/Qt related;

  (d) run Opera, Skype or similar app that is Qt- but not KDE-related;

  (e) run KDE applications (Konqueror, KMail, etc.)

and report one by one what happened, from (1) to (4e). Maybe it helps
to isolate the problem, besides hardware tests :)

Will try the above this arvo when i do the rest.

Thanks heaps :)
Nikola Lečić

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