On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Mike Meyer wrote:

> > Other files won't create as much headaches as fstab if copied over by
> > mistake.
> Oh yeah? What about rc.conf? Your firewall config, if any? password?
> Seems like they *all* create nasty headaches if copied over by
> mistake. The solution to that problem is *not* to not back things up,
> it's to NOT DO THAT.

Again my case is:
* Machine died
* Install Fresh OS in new HD/machine
* Restore to some "Restore" directory
* Move/Copy files as needed.

In such case I do want to use the same rc.conf, rc.firewall AS IS.
Fstab on the other hand could clobber the installation.

One thing I forgot to mention in the post is that I do backup all of /etc
somewhere outside the tar. I guess it's just the way my crazy mind works,
but when I deal with the tar files it would be a major catastrophy and
where I think I could make mistakes. Because /etc is so important I keep a
copy of /etc in a second drive. However I do need to also keep the data
somewhere outside the machine just in case.

Thanks for all the feedback and food for thought.

Backups is one of those things that one usually sets up once and then
forgets that it needs to be revised periodically. I am jut glad I am
revising it before I need them and not as a result of having lost needed

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