At 8:16 PM -0500 1/26/03, Francisco Reyes wrote:
On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Mike Meyer wrote:

 It's a bad idea to exclude fstab.
Why? At one point I had it included and it actually clobered a working one
and just caused much more headaches.
You should still back it up; you just need to be more careful with your restores. The same will be true for many of the files in /etc.

Other files won't create as much headaches as fstab if copied over by
You say that now, but I would bet that for many people, restoring an old rc.conf would be more prone to making them yell "Doh!" than restoring an old fstab.

In other words, you are better off doing more complete backups and just being that much more careful when you do restores. You can also do backups very often to minimize the problems of a backup being too old. I back up something similar to what you have listed here (with fewer exceptions of directories because most of the things you carefully excluded are really small) every week, and always just before I do a major upgrade. I then shove the backup offsite via ftp.

Much of what you are backing up is quite compressable, so you should most likely be using 'tar -czf' instead of just 'tar -cf'

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