Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> On Thursday 21 June 2007 03:18:32 pm Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
>> I just finished ( what I thought was an upgrade) to 6.0
>> Only to find after I rebooted that I was still at 5.5
>> I did it via sysinstall- it said upgrade successful reboot -
>> And when I did I was back at 5.5
>> Obviously , I missed something just not sure what/where
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Since you mention sysinstall I'm assuming you were attempting a binary 
> upgrade. Please provide more details, including (but not limited to):
> Did you boot from an install CD (or other media) or did you run sysinstall 
> directly from the running system?
> What media did you select from sysinstall? (FTP, CDROM, etc)
> Did you go in to the sysinstall options screen and change the version string 
> (or notice what it was)?
> If you did use a CD, where did it come from and what version is it?
> (followup: 
> are you sure?)
> JN
> I upgraded from the running system,  I used passive ftp , I selected minimal
> install, and just chose a an ftp server to download from

I just did this last week, and instead of selecting minimal install, I
had to actually do 'custom', and then selected base and kernel.

After that, and a reboot, I'm 6.2.

Note: I used a 6.2 CD to do it.

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