Hello all i have been going crazy trying to sort out this ftp problem. I have a 
server machine that is connected directly to the net i have opened my ipf 
firewall to accept all connections. At first i thought i did not need ipnat 
rules becuase this host is not acting as a gateway just a standalone machine. I 
added these rules to ipnat just to be on the safe side even though i do not 
have a internal network. 

# This rule will handle all the traffic for the internal LAN: 
map xl0 -> 0/32 proxy port 21 ftp/tcp 

# This rule handles the FTP traffic from the gateway: 
map xl0 -> 0/32 proxy port 21 ftp/tcp 

map xl0 -> 0/32 
map xl0 -> 0/32 

I tried the default ftpd and lukemftp now i have installed and configured 

I can login ok but when i try to do a cd or ls i always get this error 

ftp new.computerking.ca 
Connected to new.computerking.ca. 
220 ProFTPD 1.3.1rc2 Server (ProFTPD Default Installation) [] 
Name (new.computerking.ca:rmvg): computerking 
331 Password required for computerking 
230 User computerking logged in 
Remote system type is UNIX. 
Using binary mode to transfer files. 
ftp> ls 
ftp: connect: No route to host 
ftp> cd 
(remote-directory) / 
250 CWD command successful 
ftp> ls 
ftp: connect: No route to host 
ftp> dir 
ftp: connect: No route to host 

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