On Friday 22 June 2007 14:23, Vlad GURDIGA wrote:
> I'm afraid my background in this area is too thin to go that far...

-CURRENT is for developers or users who want to contribute in
the development process of FreeBSD. And as Noberto said, there
is a lot of debugging info enabled, which make debugging
possible, but hurt performance greatly.


> I apologize for the noise.

No worries, just download and install 6.2-RELEASE.


or a snapshot of 6-STABLE, which is updated
in a slow pace, for fixes or security holes.


Releases are considered to be the most stable.
Install 6.2-RELEASE and if you feel like updating
you can use freebsd-update.

Keep in mind that all these new, old, released
or other, are relative to the operating system
itself and not the third party programs(packages,
ports) you'll be using(GNOME, firefox, etc). Ports
are not branched and same versions are used in
all branches... So, running a supported release
does not mean, that you have to run legacy packages.

HTH, Nikos
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