On Friday 22 June 2007 15:45, Bill Moran wrote:
> Noticed the message in the subject in last night's security run.
> Is this a sign of impending drive failure?  Some google searches turned
> up information about Areca drivers and lots of unanswered questions.
> This system doesn't have an Areca driver, and it's been rock-solid
> for about 2 months now.  This is the first time I've seen these errors.
> The error (in case the subject gets mangled):
> internet.potentialtech.com kernel log messages:
> +++ /tmp/security.SIpHyxqO    Fri Jun 22 03:01:14 2007
> +g_vfs_done():acd0[READ(offset=32768, length=2048)]error = 5
> +g_vfs_done():acd0[READ(offset=32768, length=2048)]error = 5

Maybe it is just the medium. You could try reproducing
the problem using dd. And then try another medium to see
what's going on.

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