Hi there, I'm a Linux expert, FreeBSD novice trying to get a FreeBSD
bootstrap together for our network and am stuck because nForce network
chips are a pain in the backside :)

I wonder if anyone can confirm what I've found and suggest an easier way

Basically I can install 6.2-RELEASE off a CD-ROM in the office but there
is no nve0 device on this particular Gigabyte m61pm-S2 board - based on
similar experience with the Linux forcedeth driver, I assume that we
just need a newer driver.  However I understand that the nve driver is a
dead-end and that the nfe driver will replace it from 7.0.

So in order to use this on our bootstrap system, I will need to rebuild
the kernel, taking nve out and compiling nfe (with the relevant PHY
patch) in.  Is that about the quickest way to fix this?  I'd be very
interested to know if anyone could suggest a solution that didn't
involve rebuilding the kernel.

Thanks for any tips...


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