On June 22, 2007 at 02:48PM Jarrod Hildebrand wrote:

> I am working as a temp co-op student for a small business, and was given my
> first project. Email responses are part our daily duties in my work
> environment. We currently use gmail for our three email accounts. One is
> internal, and the other two are not. Seeing as how gmail doesnt sync with
> the other addresses, we have to constantly use gmails fetch settings to
> retrieve mail from the other two addresses. Im in the midst of setting up
> FreeBSD POP3 and IMAP4 for retrieving e-mail, and (LDAP) for directory
> services. I need advice on how to configure the clients to retrieve there 2
> email addresses from there XP machines using FreeBSD. There are so many
> ports and packages to use Im not sure which ones to pick, and where to
> start. Ive got Procmail & Fetchmail installed on FrreBSD. I want to have
> Exim to hand off the email addressed to [EMAIL PROTECTED] to procmail , which 
> in
> turn will run it thru SpamAssassin. Then to send a copy to GMail and deliver
> one locally. Also archives a copy on the server in monthly mbox files as a
> secondary backup
> I got 5 days to have it up and running!
> Any configuration ideas for Postfix, Procmail, Fetchmail
>  The setup will only be used for retrieval only, with no need to use it as
> an SMTP relay server. Im not looking for a large response, but if anyone
> could give me some info on what to install (in what order) and how to
> configure the protocols would be greatly appreciated.
> There is no registered domain for our company, so my goal is to just receive
> emails, and store them locally
> Resource recommendations would help too.

I use Postfix with Dovecot and Fetchmail to harvest email from  GMail,
as well as send it. You mentioned that you did not need SMTP services.
Personally, I would loose Procmail. It is a memory hog, and Dovecot
with sieve is a better proposition IMHO.

I am not sure what you are exactly looking for; however, using
virtual accounts with Postfix or Postfix and Dovecot might ease your
setup problems.

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