On 22/06/07, Blah Blatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I thought that I followed the directions in UPDATING
regarding Xorg 7.2, but, uh, I guess I didn't.  My computer
now seems beyond repair, with respect to X.  I'm strongly
considering giving up, wiping the hard drive, reinstalling
FreeBSD, and restoring my personal stuff from backups.

Umm, much shorter path:
rm -r /usr/local/* /usr/X11R6 /var/db/pkg/*
That way you get to keep your security updated kernel
and userland and you don't have to restore /home,
/etc, /var/log . . .

So, my questions:

If I do that, and install the latest xorg on a completely fresh
FreeBSD box:

Do I have to set XORG_UPGRADE (or whatever it's called)?

I think you have to have either that or link /usr/X11R6 to
/usr/local, though setting the variable will mitigate potential
problems and will not harm you or any baby fur seals.
You can skip the script ports/Tools/scripts/mergebase.sh
if you hand modify /etc/manpath.conf, /etc/rc.conf, and
/etc/periodic.conf.  The mergebase script is easier in the
aggregate than dealing with the frustrations of hand
checking your own work.

Should I still use portupgrade-devel instead of portupgrade?
I would rather just use portupgrade, if I can.

Do I have to follow any of the other directions in UPDATING
regarding this... stuff?

Or can I just do a normal old "cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg; make install"
without any of the special new exciting xorg crap in UPDATING?

You don't need portupgrade to install anything, it
is an upgrade tool.  You will still probably need to
set XORG_UPGRADE, but otherwise that method
will work, with the caveat that you might have to
install graphics/libGL (IIRC) if the install process
barfs midway through.

I have googled about this, but have found seemingly conflicting
statements, which is why I am explicitly asking.

The instructions in ports/UPDATING actually work if
followed properly and in order, albeit there may be a
few cases where something breaks.  Every case so far
posted to this mailing list has been failure to follow instructions
properly. Much of the garbage on various messageboards
about shortcutting the process is worth exactly what you pay.

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