Norberto Meijome wrote:

#  Xorg 6.8.(2|99.903) - Add "XkbDisable" to be true (for
#         console switching).

        Option  "XkbDisable"    "true"

exactly :) as per the other emails I refered, the issue is with Xkb extensions
when you have multiple / altnernative kb layouts


        at the end of my xorg.conf.
        This has fixed the "ctl+alt+<Fn>" problem.  There may be side
effects, but so far I haven't triggered any of them.

yes, you can't use alternative keyboard layouts and switch between them. there
is a proposed work around (also in the archives) ,but I haven't tested it yet.


FWIW, I never had to do this with older version of XF86, and even this
change applied to /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf does not remedy the problem
for xorg 7.2 (which otherwise works fine).  I wonder if there is more magic
here yet to be applied ...

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